A curious, laid back corporate woman leading a semi nomadic lifestyle. I have been living out of a suitcase (2 to be precise and one of them is a backpack) for over 2 years but hoping to pin down a location soon. I have traveled over 25 countries (and counting!), many of them solo, not because I am a daredevil, adventurous, free-spirited woman but because I have unreliable friends who manage to cancel their trip at the last hour. I am passionate about travel and technology and this blog is my personal account of my journey and world-view. Hope you enjoy reading it!


  1. Liked the blog. It was good and informative. Trip is adventurous especially to complete in such budget limitations.


  2. that’s bound to happen when friends ditch , we tend to travel alone and then we unfold the beauty of solo back packing . some how I ended up visiting your blog and quickly went through all the articles in less than 30 mins .

    keep doing what you love and I will follow this blog post from now on .

    I wish I should write my own blog as I have been uncovering most of the eastern countries from last 3 years , 12+ countries so far and going great .

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