Hiking in Norway: Pulpit Rock

My love affair with mountains and trekking started fairly recently when I hiked Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen) in Norway in 2015 on my birthday! Located almost 600m above Lysefjorden, this trek culminates into a steep ‘chiseled’ cliff with a flat top overlooking a beautiful view of Lysefjorden.


Pulpit Rock “Preikestolen”

The nearest city to this most popular trek in Norway is Stavanger. Stavanger has an airport and is well connected by buses/ trains with other major cities in Norway. Another famous hike near Stavanger is the Kjeragbolten (hanging boulder) hike. Several bus operators have daily schedules for buses to and from Preikestolen- Stavanger.

Being popular, summer and a relatively easy hike (by Norwegian standards!), there were several tourists across all ages many of who were accompanied by their pet dogs. In fact, the sheer number of pets undertaking this hike can easily rival the numbers taking a leisurely stroll in New York’s Central Park on a Sunday! Although I am a dog lover, the ease with which these fluffy balls hiked up gave me pangs of jealousy. It was my first hike after a long time and despite being just 2 hrs each way, I was panting most of the way.

However, most of the path was surrounded by stunning scenes and the route itself looked like a prettied up garden. Being tired most of the way, I took my time soaking up the views and truly enjoyed my “birthday hike”!








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