Everest Base Camp: Reflections of my solo journey

My Solo Journey to the Roof of the World- Everest Base Camp


Everest (center) with the golden glow during sunset flanked by Khumbutse on the left and Nuptse on the right. Also my best shot of the trip, so expect to see progressively worse pictures through the rest of the article.

Following my solo climb to Annapurna Base Camp last year, I decided to attempt climbing to what’s known as the roof of the world- Everest Base Camp. The article that follows is my personal account of the trek. If you are looking to be inspired or pumped up about the trip, DO NOT read this (this is a better article). If you are looking for information on how to undertake this trek, then again this is not the article for it. Now that I have dissuaded 99% of the typical readers, hope the rest of you enjoy reading this. I love you guys! (more…)